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BHB x Yun House Limited Edition Mooncakes 🥮

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Introducing the BHB x Yun House Limited Edition Mooncakes infused with our crowd favourite Udo's 3.6.9 Oil Blend — a limited edition collaboration with Yun House at Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur. Consists of four unique flavors crafted at Yun House, under the expert guidance of Chef Jimmy Wong.

Preorder until 5th September, while stocks last.
Will ship out on 6th September. 

1x White Lotus Paste with Seaweed Black Sugar and Macadamia Nuts
• 海藻黑糖夏果白莲蓉冰皮

1x Black Sesame Lotus Paste with Nuts and Cheese
• 坚果芝士黑芝麻豆蓉冰皮

1x Chocolate Lotus Paste with Himalaya Salt and Egg Yolk
• 喜马拉雅盐豆蓉蛋黄巧克力莲蓉冰皮

1x Homemade Musang King Durian
• 自制猫山王榴莲冰皮

* Unavailable for East Malaysia and Singapore
** Limited quantity available