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8 Daily Food Inhibiting Iron Absorption!

8 Daily Food Inhibiting Iron Absorption!

They say, the truth always hurts. Well in this case it is really hurting your body resulting you to be constantly tired and dizzy!

As you may or may not already know, some components in food may inhibit iron absorption such as phytates (from vegetables and cereals), polyphenols (from tea, coffee, vegetables, fruits, cereal, legume, wine), calcium, and proteins. Here are top 10 daily food that inhibits iron absorption


1. Tea


2. Coffee


3. Whole Grains 


4. Cereals


5. Spinach & Kale


6. Chocolate


7. Nuts (walnut, almond, sesame, dried beans, lentils, peas)


8. Milk & Dairy

Consult a qualified dietitian or nutritionist to see how these can be managed without inhibiting your iron absorption!


Talk to us if you're unsure
Consult with our qualified -nutritionist/dietitian to re-evaluate your daily diet and resolve the uncertainties. Make an appointment for a free personalized dietary consultation to understand further what could be your next course of action to recovery!  
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If you're high risk at being iron deficient or anemic this article is may be helpful to you Iron Defiency, Are you at risk?


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