Basic With Udo 2017 FAQs

Basic With Udo 2017 FAQs

After a long waited 7 years, Dr. Udo Eramus was finally back! On 9th April 2017, 600 attendees from all walks of life gathered at The Saujana Hotel for the Basic with Udo Seminar 2017. BHB as the organizer of the event, was proud to have Dr. Udo was back again to share his wisdom and tips of healthy living with fellow Malaysians.

As an oil and fat expert, Dr. Udo has imparted valuable knowledge of essential fatty acids, besides sharing his creation, Udo’s 3.6.9 Oil Blend. During the Q&A session, Dr. Udo has received lots of interesting questions about Udo’s 3.6.9 Oil Blend from the audience. We know, good things are meant to be shared! Now, let us have a look at the top 8 most useful questions we have gathered from the seminar! 

How is Udo's 3.6.9 Oil Blend different from other oil? 

Udo's Oil contains undamaged essential fatty acids, ALA and LA in the ratio of 2:1 (2 parts of Omega 3, 1 part of Omega 6). Because Udo's Oil is made with “health in mind”, rather than “shelf life in mind”, the methods used to produce Udo's Oil is different from commercial oils that undergo refining, bleaching, and deodorizing processes. All these commercial manufacturing processes actually damage the oils due to high heat but are done so to extend the shelf life of the oils.

In comparison, Udo’s Oil is manufactured such that it is pressed, filtered and packaged with machines that are built specially to exclude high heat, oxygen and light to ensure the quality of the oils. On top of that, Udo’s Oil is always kept and transported under refrigeration. Besides, Udo’s Oil is formulated with organic seeds blend: flax seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, virgin coconut oil, evening primrose seed, rice bran, and oat bran. Each of the chosen ingredients comes with its own benefits: 

  • Flaxseed oil: high in omega 3 and lignans- a type of polyphenol.  
  • Sunflower seed oil: high in omega 6 and antioxidants 
  • Sesame seed oil: high in omega 6 and antioxidants 
  • Coconut oil: easily utilize by liver and provide medium chain triglyceride (MCT), as well as antioxidant. 
  • Evening primrose oil: provide GLA (Omega 6 derivatives) and polyphenol antioxidants 
  • Rice bran oil (as a minor ingredient): contain gamma- oryzanol that provides energy 
  • Oat bran oil (as a minor ingredient): prevent cholesterol absorption and support immune function.  

How do you ensure the quality of the raw materials for Udo’s 3.6.9 Oil Blend? 

The way we ensure quality of raw materials is that we work with specific people who are philosophically aligned with using nutrition and nature for healing. If people are only interested in money, they tend to not care much. If people are not committed to natural healing and are okay with using drugs to deal with diseases, they are not as reliable. So we basically build relationship with farmers and we get ingredients that are organic certified. We started with only 3 organic ingredients while others are not (3 out of 9), but we were committed to switch when other ingredients are available in organic. Now we have 8 out of 9 ingredients that are organic. Vitamin E does not fit in the designation because we can’t make organic claim on vitamins. For manufacturing part, we need to ensure the quality of production by building the machineries around the need of the oil so that it will stay fresh. Our machineries are so tight that no light, oxygen or high heat gets to the oil from the time that it is enclosed in the seeds through the processes of pressing, filtering, filling (nitrogen flushed in the glass bottle) and lastly kept, in the fridge. For packaging, we use glass bottle because plastic leaches into the oil.  

Is the better to take Udo's 3.6.9 Oil Blend on an empty stomach, or is it better to mix it in a raw or cooked foods? 

Udo’s Oil works best when it is taken together with food (either raw or cooked food that away from the heat). Please do not take it on empty stomach. When oil is taken on empty stomach, or more is taken than the liver can handle at any one time, it is common for people to feel tired, heavy, or nausea. This is why we recommend to mix the oil with food, and to spread the intake over the course of the day.  

What if the person has consumed fried food usually, do you still advise him/her to add on Udo's 3.6.9 Oil Blend? If yes, will it cause extra calories intake?  

Fried food is usually high in calorie. When a person consumes fried food, he or she is ingesting damaged oils, trans fat and extra calories from these damaged oils. If a person desires health, it is at best to reduce/ avoid fried food because fried food do not provide essential fatty acids to the body but introduce damaged substances that cause adverse health effects. Udo’s Oil on the other hand provides essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) that our body cannot produce by itself but are required by the body to function properly and stay health. Therefore, essential fatty acids MUST be taken from the diet. Essential fatty acids help to increase energy metabolism and fat burning process in the body, hence, extra calories intake should not be a concern if a person is adhering to a balanced diet. So the advice is to use Udo’s Oil for it is the foundation oils your body need, cut off fried food and refined carbohydrates, and introduce more fresh vegetables in your diet.  

How long do you have to take Udo's 3.6.9 Oil Blend?

Our body cells need essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) for healthy and proper functioning. Omega 3 and 6 is called essential fatty acids because our body cannot produce it and we MUST get them from our diet. Udo's Oil is a foundation oil (not a supplement) and it is suitable for long term daily consumption because it provides essential fatty acids that your body needs daily. 

What is the difference between supplement (eg. fish oil capsule) and foundation oil? 

Foundation is our food and is consumed in larger amount than supplement. A supplement is supposed to supplement our diet but not to replace the food. We are supposed to eat the best food we can and then supplement whatever that is not enough from our diet. Human generally need about 25-30% of our calories from fats (about 30-60g of oil per day depending on body weight) and our major fat source should come from foundation oil and not supplemental oil. For example, Udo’s Oil is a food foundation, it is taken in large amount, about 30g to 60g per day (every 30ml of Udo’s Oil provides 19g of Omega 3 and 6). On the other hand, fish oil is a supplement, it is only an add on. 1 to 3 capsules of fish oils supply less than 2-3g of Omega 3 per day. 

Why is Udo’s 3.6.9. Oil Blend packaged in glass but not in plastic bottles? 

This is because glass is inert and does not react to any food substances while plastic chemicals tend to leach into oils and food. Additionally, oils are easily damaged by heat, light and oxygen. In order to ensure their quality without being damaged, amber glass is used because the dark material protects the oil from exposure to light.   

Would continuously freezing and unfreezing  affect the quality of oil? 

No, bacteria don’t grow in oil. Unlike raw chicken that goes bad after freezing and unfreezing due to bacteria growth, freezing and thawing the oil  will not encourage bacteria growth. Bacteria need protein, mineral and vitamin for growth and oil is not a sufficient food for bacteria to grow. 





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