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Floradix Formula FAQ

1. Why Floradix® Formula have to keep refrigerated once opened and consume in 4 weeks?

Floradix® Formula does not contain any preservatives. We need to keep it in the refrigerator to slow down the rate of deterioration and consume in 4 weeks time. 


2. Why pregnant mother needs iron ?

During pregnancy, blood volume increases progressively (50%). Pregnant mothers need extra iron to support the growth of baby and placenta. To ensure sufficient iron intake, choose iron-rich products or food. Iron is better absorption in the gut when consume in smaller quantity as compared to high doses at once.


3. Why Floradix® Formula need to consume before meal?


Floradix® Formula is best to be consumed half an hour before meal. Juices are better absorbed on empty stomach. Besides, taking Floradix® Formula before meal can avoid certain substances in food that interfere with iron absorption (tannin in coffee / tea, calcium and milk protein in milk, phytate in grains / legumes, phosphate in carbonated drinks).


4. I experienced no constipation and black stool issues after taking Floradix® Formula compared to those tablet form iron. Why is it so?

Constipation and black stool are common side effects of taking iron supplement. These often happen due to very high dosage of iron taken at once but is not well absorbed in the gut. Floradix® Formula is a botanical beverage mix with fruit juices and herbal extracts, high in Iron, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin C. The iron compound in it is iron gluconate, a type of iron that is of good absorbable form. The quantity of iron is also far more lower than iron supplements tablet, hence it is better absorbed and does not cause side effects.


5. I have consumed Floradix® Formula for 1 month. Surprisingly, I don’t feel so tired and sluggish as before. Why so?

Iron helps our body to build healthy red blood cells (RBCs), RBCs carry oxygen around our body to supply to all the cells. When our body is getting enough iron, we get enough oxygen and we will not feel tired and weak.


6. Can Floradix® Formula being consumed for long term?

Floradix® Formula is a good source of iron. If one is not able to consume sufficient iron from whole food, they can consume Floradix® Formula as part of their diet to top up the intake. It is suitable for long term consumption for those who has difficulty to achieve daily recommended iron intake from whole food. (For example, vegetarians and vegans have diet restriction and are unable to consume iron from animal products.)

Below are recommended daily intake for Malaysians according to RNI 2017

Men 19 - 65 years 70 mg/day
Women 19 - 65 years 70 mg/day

Men > 65 years 70 mg/day
Women > 65 years 70 mg/day

Pregnant / Lactation
Pregnancy 80 mg/day
Lactation 95 mg/day