1. Why Salucard have to be kept refrigerated once opened and consumed in 4 weeks?

Salucard does not contain any preservatives. Refrigeration prevents spoilage and helps to extend shelf life.


2. What is the benefit of consuming Salucard?

Salucard is a mixed fruit juice drink with hawthorn berries and pomegranate juice, high in Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and Magnesium. Ingredients such as hawthorn berries, grape and pomegranate are sources of antioxidants.


3. I am taking hypertension medications, what is the best timing to consume Salucard?

Try to take Salucard and the medication at least 2 hours apart as this is the normal time gap to avoid the interaction.


4. What is the serving size of Salucard?

The serving suggestion is 2 spoonfuls, consume directly or dilute with water. Juices are best absorbed when consumed before meal.


5. Can pregnant women consume Salucard?

Not advisable due to its high antioxidant content. Consuming sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables plus avoiding cigarettes smoke are the best ways to boost antioxidant defence during pregnancy.